Welcomt to SEGERO - Digital Globe

If you click the series button, you can verify the specification of products.

500-GR(Rotation Globe), 500-GW(Super), 500-AW(Super),
500-AE(Super), 500-B(Blackboard), 500-AE(Constellation),

330-NGW, 330-A, 330-G Gold, 330-CG,

330-RA (Plastic Ring), 330-RS(Red Ocean), 330-CA,

330-HCA(Political), 330-WG(Wooden),
330-BS(Black Ocean), 330-AE(Educational)

304-HGS, 304-CK, 304-RS(Red Ocean), 304-HCA(Political),

304-A, 304-WA(Wooden), 304-ACL(Lamp), 304-Internet,

304-TA, 304-BA(Blackboard), 304-CA , 304,
304-BS(Black Ocean)

270-G, 270-HGS, 270-A, 270-ACL(lamp),

270-CG, 270-PCA, 270-WA(Wooden), 270-HA(Political),
270-WG(Wooden, Gold), 270-KP(Hanji), 270-CA

220-WA, 220-A, 220-G, 220-CA,

220-CG, 220-CK, 220-KG, 220-S

180, 180-G, 180-A, 180-S

125-RA(Lamp), 125-RG(Lamp), 125-SA(Lamp), 125-CA,


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